Monday, July 19, 2010

Changes to Alloy Line up

Over the next few months, we'll be making some changes to ultimately simplify our alloy line-up. The first thing to announce is a price change. Starting September 1st, all of our alloy wheels with CX-Ray spokes will be $560. A modest increase to be sure, but we wanted to give plenty of notice.

Secondly, we'll be removing the REV-22L from the website. It will still be available as an "off-menu" item but since the straight REV-22 with the 24/28 spoke build is more appropriate for 90% of our customers, it'll be the only wheelset we list on our site built on the 22mm rim going forward. We'll also be changing the build slightly to use alloy nipples on the front and non-drive side to keep it as light as possible. The new published weight will be 1325 grams for the set.

We'll also be changing the standard build of the REV-25x to a different spoke spec. In the past, we've used the Sapim CX-Ray across all models because it's simply the best spoke on the market and this allowed us to keep our inventory straightforward. The cost of the spokes, however, can be prohibitive and given it's intended use, it was the hardest to justify the cost on a wheel meant to be a somewhat budget friendly alloy cross tubular. So, going forward, the standard build for the REV-25x will use Sapim Laser (14/17) spokes on the front and non-drive rear, and Sapim Race (14/15) on the rear drive side. Since the Laser spokes weigh the same as the CX-Ray, the total weight of the wheelset is only 20g more at 1480g for the set but we can lower the price a full $100 to $460. The CX-Ray build option will still be available as an "off-menu" option.

We have a few other changes to the line-up coming down the pike but that's all I'm at liberty to say for the moment.

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