Saturday, April 3, 2010

29er Wheels and SS Options

In my last post, I mentioned the introduction of some "off-menu" options. These have primarily been developed as additional options for the teams we work with but since pre-season orders are now taken care of, we can expand these offerings somewhat. They won't be available through our website and I can't guarantee they will always be in stock but if you'd like a set, just send us an email and we can take it from there.

That said, we'd like to introduce the REV-29er:

This is a disc brake only 29 inch diameter cross country wheelset. My primary disciplines in the sport are road and cross but I do love to ride and occasionally race my mountain bike. Since I have way too many bikes and prefer to minimize the time I spend maintaining them, I typically err on the side of sturdy and low maintenance vs "how light can we comfortably make this" when it comes to my mountain bike. So what we've come up with is a sturdy XC wheelset that should get you through everyday use with without incident and still provide plenty of performance come race day. It's got 32 three-crossed spokes front and rear paired with eyelet-ed rims but still comes in at the same weight as the Mavic C29ssmax (1750g) and is quite a bit less expensive.

Full Specs:

Rims: 32h Alloy w/ SS eyelets. 18.2mm internal width. 475 g. Can be converted to tubeless with Stans or Cafelatex.

Similar design to our road hubs but with additional seals between the end caps and bearings. Traditional 9mm dropouts.
154g front
280g rear
Traditional 6 bolt disc mount
Black Sapim Laser (2.0/1.5/2.0) spokes up front and non-drive rear and Sapim Race (2.0/1.7/2.0) spokes on the drive side. Alloy nipples on the front and non-drive side.

Total weight is about 1750g and the price is $550 for the set.

We can also do this as a single speed by utilizing the White Industries ENO (standard or eccentric) hub. It's a great hub that takes a standard BMX or White Industries freewheel. The weight for the disc version is about the same as our geared hub and since there's no dish to the rear wheel I use the Sapim Laser spokes on both the drive and non-drive sides of the wheel so that shaves a few grams.

We'll get some pictures up as soon as we can.