Sunday, January 17, 2010

2009 Cyclocross Recap

This post is way overdue but things have been unexpectedly busy in the off-season so far. Not a bad thing by a long shot this blog has been easy to overlook. In any case, while my personal results were pretty poor by any standards, the racers we put on our wheels had some fantastic results.


Valentin Scherz
Hillybilly Hustle
Highland Park CX -UCI
Wayne Scott Memorial CX @ Fair Hill
Spring Mount CX
Staten Island CX
Capital Cross

Kristin Gavin
Wayne Scott Memorial CX @ Fair Hill
Capital Cross

Bill Elliston
Horseshoe Scramble
Hidden Valley CX


Valentin Scherz
3rd Granogue - UCI

Nikki Thiemann
2nd Capital Cross
3rd Green Mountain CX Day2 - UCI

Kristine Church
3rd PA CX State Championships

Bill Elliston
2nd SCCX Sussex County Cross
2nd Staten CX

I've probably missed quite a few results and along with these standouts there were countless top 5s and 10s in some of the nations most competitive cross races. Added to that are the many results posted in the amateur ranks by our racers in our sponsored clubs and customers across the county. I'm extremely proud of all our sponsored athletes and teams and while my chances of personally winning races are pretty low for the foreseeable future, it's a great feeling to have talented riders winning on wheels I've built.

And what are results without some incredible photos? Here's a sampling courtesy of Anthony Skorochod of

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