Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inventory Update

The run up to cross season has pretty much wiped out any model built with a 24/28 hubset. So we're essentially out of the REV-22, REV-25x, REV-30 and REV-50x. I may be able to build one or two sets of the 50x next week so contact me if you're interested. All of these models are listed as "back ordered" on the website. You can feel free to put an order in but they will probably not be shipped until late November.

Until then, the REV-22L and REV-50 are in stock and the REV-30L should be available within a week or so (still waiting on some back ordered spokes).

If you're still looking for cross wheels, the REV-50 is a fine choice for most lighter riders. In fact, when I realized we were getting low on the REV-50x, I had no qualms about putting all of our sponsored riders on the REV-50 instead. With a lower spoke count, it's not quite as stoutly built as the 50x but it's still sturdier than most of the carbon tubulars out there. Similarly, I have no problems with recommending the REV-30L as a suitable cross clincher for all but the heaviest riders.

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