Monday, October 5, 2009

Gloucester, etc.

Lots of racing this past weekend and lots of our wheels out there so the results are getting hard to keep track of. Our Elite Women, Nikki Thiemann and Kristin Gavin had a fantastic weekend in Gloucester with Nikki placing 8th and 10th and Kristin placing 12th and 7th. Nikki was racing on a set of REV-50s and Kristin was trying out a lighter carbon prototype that we're testing for the road next year.

I stayed closer to home and did the Hillbilly Hustle in Elmer, NJ. It's a laid back race on a great course and one of my favorites every year. I just barely got into the top 10 in the B race thanks to being able to stay upright on a technical course.

I'm also very happy to announce that we'll have Valentin Scherz from the Swiss national team racing on our wheels while he's stateside this fall. He arrived earlier last week and quickly got himself a win on Sunday at the Hillbilly Hustle. He rode a set of REV-25x's to victory this past weekend but once the glue cures, he'll be racing on another set of prototype carbon wheels that we're testing.

(Photo courtesy of Rita Berson. Valentin is the one who looks like he's about to win a bike race. I'm the one holding the beer.)

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Valentin said...

Hello ! Here Valentin. Thank's for the post and the wheels!

See you..