Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid Atlantic World Championships

Granouge and Wissahickon were contested under some of the worst conditions that I can remember for the races. A nor'easter arrived here Wednesday night and didn't quit until Sunday afternoon. As expected, the races were pretty muddy, especially Granouge.

Valentin Scherz had a great weekend winning the U23 class each day and finishing 3rd overall in the elite race on Saturday behind Trebon and Wicks and 5th on Sunday.

Photos below are courtesy of Anthony Skorochod of Anthony is a great guy who puts in long days at most area races making even the lowliest C-racer look like a pro.

Nikki Thiemann on the REV-50x on her way to 9th at Granouge. She finished 10th the following day at Wissahickon.

Kristine at Granogue on her way to a muddy 20th on her REV-30s. She finished 15th on Sunday. I know some folks like the mud but this does not look fun.

Kristin taking a clean bike from Charles on her way to 11th place. She finished 12th at Wissahickon on Sunday.

Mike Festa rode his REV-50x to 2nd on Saturday and 5th on Sunday in the B-race. To give you an idea of how bad the conditions were, the B-race had 22 DNF's and 28 riders who paid to enter but didn't bother showing up.

David Lowe looking for a clean line on his steath 25x's. I'm pretty sure they were the first one's I built and I never got around to putting decals on them.

Thanks for looking. I'll try and post some pics from Wiss if I have time later this week.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Another Weekend, Another Win

Mike Festa took the win at the Iron Cross Lite B race on Saturday on his brand new pair of REV-50x cross wheels. You can read his race report here. I should mention that this was his second cross race ever and his first win in the discipline so you're not allowed to call him a "sandbagger." I'm probably going to have to get used to seeing his name well above mine in the results this season but as long as he's doing it on our wheels, I'm cool with it.

Congrats Mike!

Update: Two Wins! I missed this one initially, but Lenore Pipes also won the Elite Women's race at the Richmond Festival of Cross on her REV-50s. Congrats Lenore!

Stress Relief

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Gone Till November

I should have an exact date in a few weeks but for now, we're looking at late November to have the REV-22, REV-25x, REV-30 or REV-50x back in stock. The REV-50 is available and makes a fine cross tubular for lighter riders. The REV-50x is available to rent from Echappe Equiptment and any rentals through Echappe earn you a $50 credit towards any of our wheels.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Gloucester, etc.

Lots of racing this past weekend and lots of our wheels out there so the results are getting hard to keep track of. Our Elite Women, Nikki Thiemann and Kristin Gavin had a fantastic weekend in Gloucester with Nikki placing 8th and 10th and Kristin placing 12th and 7th. Nikki was racing on a set of REV-50s and Kristin was trying out a lighter carbon prototype that we're testing for the road next year.

I stayed closer to home and did the Hillbilly Hustle in Elmer, NJ. It's a laid back race on a great course and one of my favorites every year. I just barely got into the top 10 in the B race thanks to being able to stay upright on a technical course.

I'm also very happy to announce that we'll have Valentin Scherz from the Swiss national team racing on our wheels while he's stateside this fall. He arrived earlier last week and quickly got himself a win on Sunday at the Hillbilly Hustle. He rode a set of REV-25x's to victory this past weekend but once the glue cures, he'll be racing on another set of prototype carbon wheels that we're testing.

(Photo courtesy of Rita Berson. Valentin is the one who looks like he's about to win a bike race. I'm the one holding the beer.)

Friday, October 2, 2009

2 Sets of the REV-50x left

UPDATE: These are gone. We'll have more by late November

I had a chance to sift through our inventory and was able to build two more sets of the REV-50x. These are the only ones left until late November. They're listed as "back-ordered" on our website so please contact us before ordering to make sure they are still available. If this post is still up, you can assume that I still have at least one on hand.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Inventory Update

The run up to cross season has pretty much wiped out any model built with a 24/28 hubset. So we're essentially out of the REV-22, REV-25x, REV-30 and REV-50x. I may be able to build one or two sets of the 50x next week so contact me if you're interested. All of these models are listed as "back ordered" on the website. You can feel free to put an order in but they will probably not be shipped until late November.

Until then, the REV-22L and REV-50 are in stock and the REV-30L should be available within a week or so (still waiting on some back ordered spokes).

If you're still looking for cross wheels, the REV-50 is a fine choice for most lighter riders. In fact, when I realized we were getting low on the REV-50x, I had no qualms about putting all of our sponsored riders on the REV-50 instead. With a lower spoke count, it's not quite as stoutly built as the 50x but it's still sturdier than most of the carbon tubulars out there. Similarly, I have no problems with recommending the REV-30L as a suitable cross clincher for all but the heaviest riders.