Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A few models are out of stock

Like all sensible Europeans, everyone at Sapim takes a break during the month of August. As a result, we're running short in a few lengths for the CX-Ray and are unable to build a few models for the next week or so until we get some more spokes in. We are effectively out of stock in the following models: REV-25x, REV-30L, REV-30 & REV-50x. Feel free to backorder the wheels through the site. As soon as the wheels are available, I'll contact you to let you know when they will ship.

We're also starting to run low on hubs in the 24/28 drilling so there may be some addtional inventory issues going into the fall. We should be fully stocked in everything by late November.

Even when we're out of stock this fall, you can always rent the REV-50x for cross races this fall from Echappe Equipment. Rentals are $50 for the day and anyone who rents through Echappe gets a discount code for $50 off the purchase of any of our wheels.

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