Saturday, August 8, 2009

REV-30 vs. the REV-30L

We've had a new model, the REV-30L, out there for a few weeks and it's quickly become our most popular offering so I figured it needed a proper introduction. And since it's similar to our REV-30, we might as well compare the two.

So what's the difference?

It is built on the same 30mm aero profiled rim as the REV-30 and the same hubset as all of our wheels. The main difference is the spoke count. The 30L is built using 20 radial laced spokes in the front and 24 twice crossed spokes in the rear and the 30 is similarly laced but uses four extra spokes per wheel for a 24/28 build. The 30L uses alloy nipples on the front wheel and non-drive side on the rear. Brass nipples are used on the drive side. The 30 uses brass nipples all around. The 30L weighs about 1460g for the set and the 30 weighs about 1525g.

Why do I want a set?

Since the rim profile makes for a sufficiently stiff and durable wheel, most riders can get away with the lower spoke count. The purpose of the 30L is to be a great all around race wheel and a daily trainer for lighter riders. It's lower spoke count and aero profile make it a great clincher for TTs or Tri's for those of us who would rather do without the expense and hassle of carbon wheels. Cross winds should not be an issue for anyone but the lightest of riders.

Like the REV-30, the REV-30L is a very versatile wheelset. A good balance of lightweight, aerodynamics, strength, stiffness and affordability. Larger riders, those looking for a cyclocross clincher (yes, I'll admit there are some situations that call for clinchers on a cross bike) or riders with a habit of breaking things should take the 65g insurance policy and go with the REV-30 over the REV-30L. The higher spoke count of the REV-30 will also make it a bit stiffer if that's a consideration. Additionally, I can build the REV-30 with a 2x front lacing - let's call it the REV-30x. This is an especially good option for cross since the crossed spokes will make for a somewhat more resilient wheel over rough terrain.

Those of you with too much time on your hands may have noticed that the picture of the REV-30L on our website is of a wheel with a 24/28 spoke count. Indeed, this a picture of the REV-30. We haven't had a chance to get the REV-30L in the studio for some proper photos. While I'm on the subject I should also note that all the photos of our wheels were taken prior to switching over to the Sapim CX-Ray spoke. So, the wheels you pull out of the box will look even prettier than the ones you see on our site.

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cyclysm2623 said...

To my Comrades at RevWW -

I'm referring to my newly-purchased 30Ls as the "goldilocks" option: just right! Having had the pleasure of also demo'ing your Rev 22s (feather-light!) and Rev 30s (way fast!) on long rides earlier this summer, I decided on the 30Ls to get the best of both wheels. And my 30Ls are the best! Thanks for your help in the decision-making process and for making great wheels available at such an unbeatable price!

The Revolution starts now.

Bob L.
North Wales, PA