Monday, August 10, 2009


After a week on the beach in South Jersey, I'm back. Everything is in stock so we're back to a somewhat normal schedule of building and shipping within two or three business days of receiving an order. I did have to bring a few wheelsets with me to keep on track but I did have some help.

She's starting to get the hang of it but can be easily distracted.

Anyway, while I was in South Jersey, cyclocross season was getting an early start in the opposite corner of the state. Without the time to build team wheels and glue tires on them, I had to give Nikki a set of 22Ls with some Maxxis clinchers and wasn't able to find anything for Kristin to race on. Still, they were able to finish 2 and 3 respectivly at Spectracross for the Friday evening round. Over the next month, I'll be sure to get our fleet of cross wheels together so they have some respectable tubulars to race on.

Some great photos of the event can be found here and here

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