Friday, August 28, 2009

Muur & Berg

I haven't had much time to add meaningful content to this space... and I still don't. Thankfully, friend, teammate and repeat customer Ken Dietch has offered a hell of a ride report after taking his REV-30s to the cobbles of Flanders. Thanks Ken!


So if your wife says, "I have a weeks confrence based in Bruges, Belgium, if you would like to go, lets get a miles ticket and meet me over there...." You should probably make that plan. I stuffed the R-3 SL in a bike box and jumped at the chance. Woody from Cadence and Chris Pagoda had told me all about riding over there, and I figured I could take a day when Kelly was at work to ride a chunk of the Ronde course.

Here's the skinny on riding over there. 1. You can take a train with your bike. Anywhere. 2. There are 900 miles of marked bike only paths in west flanders alone. All you need is the map to get from point A to point B. 3. The town of Oodenarde has a center of the tour de flanders mueseum, with 3 marked routes totalling 260K that you can ride hitting all of the major climbs for the classics...... 4.Every road has a marked path as well.

I planned my route from Bruges to Oodenarde. Once there, I would link up as many climbs as possible untill i had to get back to Bruges.

This is the Market Square where the Tour starts.

This is a cycling map of the area. You figure out how to get from point A to B by matching up green # signs. Ride from sign to sign, you can't get lost easily. On a 106 mile ride, I was on roads with cars 3 miles.

The bar in the museum of the Tour de Flanders in Oodenarde. 'Nuff said. Cycling on wide screen from opening to close, Belgian Beers on tap, Frites, and Old kits from winners of the tour on the wall. Best bar in the world??????

The pitch of the Koppenberg: 20%. If you have ever gone up the one in philly at the beginning of the towpath, double its legnth, make the cobbles worse, and imagine 100,000 fans..........I asked Brian Walton about this from Cadence. He said the climb isn't the hard part. Its the 5k before on roads just as narrow as everyone is drilling it to get to the front that hurts

Ground eye view of cobbles

Have to give massive shout-out to JK and Andy at Revolution. These things are great! Rev-30 built on a Powertap SL+, They never skipped a beat on some of the harshest terrain you can ride a road bike on. I rode a set of 23mm tires, I'll bet on a set of 27 mm Pave tires they would be even better. I will be training for Cross on these, and racing on a set of Carbon Revolutions this year........

Yup....these are the same roads they race on. Now start bitching about yellow line rules........

The old Kwermont. 2.4K of this...........

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cross Packages

As of now, our cross packages are no longer available. Thanks to everyone who took advantage of the package deals but I'm going to have to end it since Challenge tires and low geared cassettes are becoming harder and harder to find as cross season rapidly approaches. Hopefully we'll be able to put these together again next year and maybe do some road packages this spring.

We're also starting to get low on the REV-25x and to a lesser extent, the 50x so I'd recommend placing your order sooner than later if you need at set for the fall. Build times are running 3-4 business days.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Review Roundup - REV-22 & REV-30

This post is a few weeks overdue at this point but we do have a couple of reviews out there for some alloy wheels to share (REV-50 and 50x reviews can be found here and here).

A review of the REV-22 from Mark Albrecht of Ski Bike Junkie can be found here.

And David Lawson of SoCal Cowbells has a review of the REV-30 here.

Both blogs are worth adding to your reader.

Thanks guys. Glad you like the wheels!

Team Sponsorship

Many thanks to those of you who have contacted us regarding sponsorship. Supporting grassroots racing programs, especially cyclocross, is a very important aspect of our business. At this point, however, we are at maximum capacity with the number of teams we can support and will not be able to entertain any additional requests for the foreseeable future.

We are pleased to have an exciting line up of teams and athletes from all over the country for the '09-'10 season and look forward to using this space for race reports throughout the rest of the year.

Monday, August 10, 2009


After a week on the beach in South Jersey, I'm back. Everything is in stock so we're back to a somewhat normal schedule of building and shipping within two or three business days of receiving an order. I did have to bring a few wheelsets with me to keep on track but I did have some help.

She's starting to get the hang of it but can be easily distracted.

Anyway, while I was in South Jersey, cyclocross season was getting an early start in the opposite corner of the state. Without the time to build team wheels and glue tires on them, I had to give Nikki a set of 22Ls with some Maxxis clinchers and wasn't able to find anything for Kristin to race on. Still, they were able to finish 2 and 3 respectivly at Spectracross for the Friday evening round. Over the next month, I'll be sure to get our fleet of cross wheels together so they have some respectable tubulars to race on.

Some great photos of the event can be found here and here

Saturday, August 8, 2009

REV-30 vs. the REV-30L

We've had a new model, the REV-30L, out there for a few weeks and it's quickly become our most popular offering so I figured it needed a proper introduction. And since it's similar to our REV-30, we might as well compare the two.

So what's the difference?

It is built on the same 30mm aero profiled rim as the REV-30 and the same hubset as all of our wheels. The main difference is the spoke count. The 30L is built using 20 radial laced spokes in the front and 24 twice crossed spokes in the rear and the 30 is similarly laced but uses four extra spokes per wheel for a 24/28 build. The 30L uses alloy nipples on the front wheel and non-drive side on the rear. Brass nipples are used on the drive side. The 30 uses brass nipples all around. The 30L weighs about 1460g for the set and the 30 weighs about 1525g.

Why do I want a set?

Since the rim profile makes for a sufficiently stiff and durable wheel, most riders can get away with the lower spoke count. The purpose of the 30L is to be a great all around race wheel and a daily trainer for lighter riders. It's lower spoke count and aero profile make it a great clincher for TTs or Tri's for those of us who would rather do without the expense and hassle of carbon wheels. Cross winds should not be an issue for anyone but the lightest of riders.

Like the REV-30, the REV-30L is a very versatile wheelset. A good balance of lightweight, aerodynamics, strength, stiffness and affordability. Larger riders, those looking for a cyclocross clincher (yes, I'll admit there are some situations that call for clinchers on a cross bike) or riders with a habit of breaking things should take the 65g insurance policy and go with the REV-30 over the REV-30L. The higher spoke count of the REV-30 will also make it a bit stiffer if that's a consideration. Additionally, I can build the REV-30 with a 2x front lacing - let's call it the REV-30x. This is an especially good option for cross since the crossed spokes will make for a somewhat more resilient wheel over rough terrain.

Those of you with too much time on your hands may have noticed that the picture of the REV-30L on our website is of a wheel with a 24/28 spoke count. Indeed, this a picture of the REV-30. We haven't had a chance to get the REV-30L in the studio for some proper photos. While I'm on the subject I should also note that all the photos of our wheels were taken prior to switching over to the Sapim CX-Ray spoke. So, the wheels you pull out of the box will look even prettier than the ones you see on our site.