Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Filling in the Corners

The bulk of our sales at this point come from word of mouth referrals. We want people excited about our products and telling their friends about us, so grassroots sponsorships have been an important part of our business model. Our sponsorship program has grown tremendously this season and we're just about at capacity but we are looking for teams in certain locations where we're lacking exposure. Specifically, New England, the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. We're looking for teams that are respected in their communities and have a strong focus on cyclocross. Junior programs are a plus. Winning races is always a plus but I find winning somewhat overrated (probably because the last race I won was 8 years ago). But really, we'd much rather have our wheels under pack fill who are eager to share a beer after a race than some jerk who happens to be really fast.

Riders on sponsored teams get a solid discount, schwag, opportunities to test new models before we bring them to market and as much support as we can afford to give for races the team puts on.

The goal here is to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with great teams. If you'd think your team would be a good fit, please fill out our sponsorship application here and send it to info (at) revolutionwheelworks (dot) com.

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