Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Note on Listed Weights

We're not sure how some other manufacturers come up with the weights they list for their wheels or other componentry but it's no secret that the published weights for many products in the industry only seem to exist in an alternate reality (or maybe on a planet with less gravitational pull?).

Our wheelset weights are as follows:

REV-22L 1290g
REV-22 1350g
REV-25x 1460g
REV-30 1530g
REV-50 1360g
REV-50x 1400g

This may sound crazy but the weights we list here and on our site are derived from a strict process where we actually weigh the wheels. There is, of course, some slight variation so we take the average of many wheels built in the same model and round up.

Approximately 75% of the wheels we sell will arrive slightly lighter than the listed weight. Of the ones that arrive on the heavier side, we guarantee that they will not be more than 2% heavier than the listed weight. We can guarantee this because each wheel is weighed before we send them out the door. Therefore, the allowable range that our wheels could weigh is as follows:

REV-22L 1264-1316g
REV-22 1323-1377g
REV-25x 1431-1489g
REV-30 1499-1561g
REV-50 1333-1387g
REV-50x 1372-1428g

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