Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hub Details

We've been getting a lot of questions on our hubs lately so I thought it best to address it here with a post.

Like the other components in the wheels, the hubs use a simple, proven design. Part of the reason we can keep our costs down is because we have no interest in engineering complex, proprietary parts. We simply take our pick of the best technology available and, as is true of many things, the best option tends to be the simplest.

The front hub is 82g and consists of a forged aluminum hub shell, a 10mm aluminum axle, two aluminum end caps and a pair of quality Japanese made sealed bearings.

The rear hub is 222g and also uses a forged aluminum shell and has a larger (15mm) aluminum axle for increased stiffness. Again, sealed bearings of high quality and easily found sizes for quick replacement when needed. The freehub body uses a standard 3 pawl design with 34 engagement points. It is made of alloy and can be quickly exchanged between Shimano and Campy (10 speed only at this point). I did a post related to this a while back.

The main drawback with alloy cassette bodies is that they tend to get marred by the cassette after a while. This can be mitigated by using steel (heavy) or titanium (expensive, still somewhat soft and heavy). Instead we chose to simply make them easily removable and have replacements available at cost ($40) in case they get too chewed up.

Keep the questions coming! If we get a lot of similar inquiries, I'll try to address them here. We are generally quick to respond to all emails the day we get them but things have been getting pretty busy. If you contact us and don't hear back within a couple of days, feel free to assume it got lost in the shuffle and send it our way once more.

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Unknown said...

I have an older pair of your wheels and now that I've upgraded to 11 speed I was wondering if I can replace the freehub body so it'll work with an 11-speed cassette?