Monday, February 16, 2009

FAQ - Part 4

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What is your return policy? warranty? crash insurance?

If you open the box, remove the wheels (but do not ride them) and decide that for some reason, you do not want them, you can return them within 30 days for a full refund minus shipping. Your wheels are under warranty for defects in parts and labor for one year. Please contact us and we'll do what we can to make it right. We are honest, reasonable people and operate under the assumption that you are an honest, reasonable person. We do not sell "crash insurance." Instead of charging you now for insurance that may be useful in the future, we offer a no-fault rim replacement plan that any of our U.S. customers can take advantage of if something unfortunate arises. Details of the plan can be found here & here but basically, if you break your wheel(s) for any reason and the hub is unaffected, we will rebuild the wheel for you at a very reasonable cost.

How can I remove the rim decals?

What's wrong with our decals? You don't like the logo? The colors don't match your bike? Just ride faster and it will all be a blur anyway. Seriously, you just made our design guy cry and now I have to coax him out of the corner with fruit roll-ups and hot chocolate.

But, since you asked, here you go: We use rim decals that are sturdy, UV resistant and should look great on your wheels as long as you want them there. However, should you choose to cruelly disassociate yourself from us, just start at the corner and slowly peel. Don't use a screwdriver or anything drastic like that. There should be little or no residue left but if there is, acetone or goof-off or any other solvent that is safe to use on tubular glue should be fine. Be careful though because many solvents are not safe to use, especially on carbon rims.

I live outside the US. Can I still purchase wheels from you?

Maybe. Contact us through the site for more details. Canada is no problem although shipping may take a few more days and customs could cause delays and additional costs. Please research customs laws and tariffs for your country so that you are aware of potential headaches and costs that could occur. International shipping is through USPS and generally takes 6-10 days. Shipping will cost between 40 to 100 USD. We will provide you with a "coupon code" to account for the additional shipping when you checkout through the site. Due to the high cost of shipping, our rim replacement program does not apply to international orders.

At this point, we can not ship wheels within the European Union because our rims do not have a rim wear indicator. Yes, they'd probably get through customs without anyone noticing or we could just write "rim wear indicator" with a Sharpie on the braking surface but a law's a law and we don't scoff at such things.

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