Friday, February 13, 2009

FAQ - Part 3

Part 1 available here. Part 2 here.

Who builds your wheels?

I do. Me, Jonathan Kahler - all of them. For now. At some point, we may need to hire or contract with someone else but we're not in a hurry to get there. I got into this business because I like to build wheels and I'm very particular about how the wheels are built.

Actually, I'm surprised we don't get this question more often because even though we use "hand-built" as a selling point, unless I know whose hands are building the wheels, I'd rather have them built by a machine. I'm not going to sell you a line about how wheel building is an art form involving black magic and alchemy but it does take skill, effort and patience. The quality of the build is just as important as the quality of the componentry. Every wheel I build is trued and tensioned to very tight tolerances. Each spoke is checked with a tensiometer many, many times and since it's my reputation on the line with each wheel we sell, I'm very careful about what goes out the door.

What makes you different from other direct to consumer wheel manufacturers?

We make better wheels at a better prices and our wheels look cooler. We believe this to be true but we are admittedly biased. Take a look at our specs and prices; talk to someone with firsthand experience. As a guiding principle, we don't put a wheel out there if there is something better and less expensive already on the market. We don't have a lot of time and money to spend convincing you that our wheels are a better value, so instead, we just make them a better value. If you come to a different conclusion, purchase wheels from someone else. You won't hurt our feelings too much.

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