Sunday, February 8, 2009

FAQ - Part 2

Part 1 available here.

Do your wheels ever go on sale?

Generally, no. We operate on pretty slim margins and price our wheels fairly, based on what it costs us to produce them. I guess we could follow the example of other direct-to-consumer outfits and come up with arbitrary and inflated "retail" prices and then "discount" our wheels so that they are always "on sale." We feel that this would be insincere and disingenuous and we would not dream of insulting you with such a transparent ploy.

It's getting late in the year. When do next year's models become available?

Rest assured, from time to time, we will come out with new products and tweak existing ones. The timing of such changes will not be based on an arbitrary date on a calendar. No one is breathing down our necks, forcing us to increase revenues by X% by enticing you to replace a perfectly good product with one that comes with more hype and a new decal, and we don't have a marketing department full of people we need to keep busy with such tasks. When we do make changes to our products, they will based on common sense, new technologies, availability of materials and rider feedback.

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