Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Note on Weight Limits

The rider weight limits on our wheels are as follows:

170 lbs

200 lbs
REV 50
REV 22

230 lbs
REV 25x
REV 30
REV 50x

Rider weight limits for any wheels (and most other componentry) are more or less arbitrary and fairly meaningless. They should be used as general guidelines to determine which set can take more or less punishment and which sets certain riders should think twice about.

In truth, there are many, many factors that go into the likelihood of a rider trashing a pair of wheels. Weight is certainly a big one, but so is riding style and general maintenance. A 200 lb rider who is careful with his equipment and rides with a degree of finesse is more likely to get a longer life from his wheelset than a 150 lb rider who over inflates his tires and rides through potholes with reckless abandon and with a good amount of torque.

In any case, these limits are not enforced by myself or anyone else. The one year warranty on obvious defects will still apply if you ignore our weight limits. If you break a rim, we will still honor our 5 year rim replacement deal regardless of your weight. That said, our wheels are designed for bicycle racing and we won't pretend that we offer "something for everyone." If you are a larger rider who has a history of breaking lightweight componentry, you may want to look elsewhere.

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